May 1, 2019

Volunteering opportunities in Italy August and September

 Daniele from the italian NGO Vicolocorto. 

I'm contacting you as we are looking for international volunteers for an ALREADY APPROVED and financed ESC - European Solidarity Corps project to host volunteers in the following months. 

We are coordinating several hosting organisations in the whole Marche Region and you can find the placements following this link:
Some of them are marked as "Starting soon" as we are currently looking for volunteers, but for each of them (click on Show More to see all of them) is possible to apply in any moment, as in each placement is written when the activities will start.

At the moment we have the following vacancies:

- 4 volunteers @ Red Cross of Pesaro (2/08/2019 - 27/05/2020) for activities in the Local Committee of the Red Cross of Pesaro, here more info:

- 1 volunteer @ Red Cross of Marotta (05/08/19 - 31/10/2019) for activities in the Local Committee of the Red Cross of Marotta, here more info: 

- 2 volunteers @ Tennistavolo Senigallia (02/09/19 - 26/06/2020) for sport activities in the field of table tennis in Senigallia, here more info:

- 2 volunteers @ Vicolocorto Pesaro (02/09/19 - 26/06/2020) for educational and promotional activities in Vicolocorto association in Pesaro, here more info: 
- 2 volunteers @ A.I.A.S PESARO - ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA ASSISTENZA SPASTICI (02/09/19 - 26/06/2020)  for activities with people with disability in Pesaro, here more info: 

Sending Organisations: As the Sending Organisations are not identified yet, the call is open to all EU Programme Countries + extra EU, and we are looking for your cooperation to find volunteers! The selected Sending Organisation becomes partner of this project, becoming responsible for preparation and support of the volunteers before, during and after the service, and will be entitled to receive the Sending Costs in the amount of 30 eur for each month of service that will be paid at the end of the activities, after we will receive your invoice and the Final Evaluation for Sending Organisations (which is a document explaining the effective involvement of the organisation in the support of the volunteer in all the project's phases).

How to apply: Interested candidates need to send to the following documents in English:

- CV (including  the date of birth and the country of residence)

- Motivation letter related to the project (general motivation letters will not be accepted)

Volunteers need to be registered in the European Solidarity Corps portal ( to take part to EVS/ESC projects.

VERY IMPORTANT: Due to the need of VISA, and the related longer preparation phase, for participants needing VISA we don't know if we can start activities BEFORE SEPTEMBER 2019.

Looking forward to developing this cooperation, I'm at your disposal if you have any question!

with my best regards