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February 25, 2019
May 1, 2019

Youth Councils – Advisors or Activists KA3 – Youth Democracy Project International meeting


Youth Councils - Advisors or Activists KA3 – Youth Democracy Project International meeting

Brenna, Poland, 07.06-14.06.2019

• The project aim is to increase the capacity of youth councils by developing recommendations for cooperation between young people and decision-makers. The project will be an opportunity to discuss and try different cooperation strategies and build a structured dialogue, using experience of other countries. We want to provide young people with competences and skills that will allow them to actively participate in the life of society through the cooperation of youth councils, non-governmental organizations working with youth, and decision-makers. • To achieve this, we will create a space in which young people from different countries, decision makers and NGO workers will share their knowledge, experience and good practices. We will focus on on explaining what structured dialogue is and how to build it. • The entire project will be based on the principles of non-formal education. Key role in developing recommendations for youth councils will play international cooperation, debates and round tables. Under the supervision of youth workers, young people will verify their ideas and correct mistakes. An international meeting aim is to exchange of good practices. In addition, it will be a seminar dedicated to youth policy, which will be an excellent opportunity to meet representatives of youth city councils, youth workers and policy-makers to exchange good practices in the field of youth councils and to develop new solutions. In 7-9.06 in Brenna will take place the meeting of other Youth Councils from diffrent cities to create a area to exchange good practicies and meet the respresentant from another part of Poland. We are expecting that together we will host around 80 people (together with you). IN ORDER to organise this meeting we decided TO EXTEND the duration of our international meeting by one day (it was planned 8-14 June). Therefore we would like to ask for the small participation fee from each participant, which will be 20 EUR. Amount will be DEDUCTED from the travel reimbursement. Each international group will count 5 people from each country (Estonia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, the Czech Republic). Participants at the stage of preparing for the project will be asked to: - gathering and expanding the knowledge about structured dialogue. - development of legal regulations concerning Youth Councils - reaserch about the problems and issues of youth councils and their members in different countries - how Youth Councils are organized (what are the competences, how is chosen and how its real impact is assessed) Please send your CV to the email yciddp@yahoo.com Deadline for applications: 10.05.2019