“United Youth Combating Hate” Training Course
August 1, 2015
Training Course “Future leaders’ laboratory”
November 15, 2015

Youth Exchange “Youth Discover Inclusion”


Dates: 17.09.2015-23.09.2015 Venue: Nitra, Slovakia Age limit: Participants - 18-25, Group leader - 25-30 Short description: „Youth Discover Inclusion“ was a youth exchange which brought together young people from 7 countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Ukraine, Moldova a Armenia). The main aim of this project was to work with young people who mostly come from environment of social exclusion and show them life from different perspective, perspective of active participation in society. Created environment helped young people attending in „Youth Discover Inclusion“ project to realize, that life has many different „colours“ and they are responsible for their own destiny. The project was also a way how to awake creativity of its participants through different arts such as painting, theatre and movie making.

The organizers covered accommodation and meal expenses and reimbursed travel cost in the sum of 270 Euros. 6 participants from Armenia and 1 group leader were selected via their filled applications. e