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July 23, 2015
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September 15, 2015

“United Youth Combating Hate” Training Course


““United Youth Combating Hate” Training Course”

Dates: Bulgaria - 17.08.2015-24.08.2015, Georgia - December, 2015 Venue: Razlog, Bulgaria, Tbilisi, Georgia Project Description: “United Youth Combating Hate” was a long-term training program for youth workers and leaders of the EU and the Eastern Partnership - Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Estonia, Georgia and Turkey. The project was aimed at developing skills in the fight against hate speech by training in human rights. The project tackled the more and more alarming situation among young people, namely the growing hatred and xenophobia caused by religious and ethnic conflict on international level. The project consisted of two mobilities: 1) Training course in Bulgaria from 17 to 24 August 2015 2) Local activities in each partner`s community between August and December 2015 3) Final evaluation seminar in Georgia (with possible time of implementation middle December) “United Youth Combating Hate” was long-term opportunity to increase the capacity of volunteers, coordinators and professional youth workers and youth leaders aged over 18 years. Participants were motivated to become activists fighting against hate speech by becoming familiar with basic educational tools for human rights and the movement against hate speech. They attended both mobilities in Bulgaria and Georgia, and organized local initiatives as active European citizens. Youth Combating Hate had the following objectives: - To Increase the competencies of youth leaders and youth workers in the field of anti-hate speech and human rights - To stimulate cooperation in the youth field and promote the organization of more initiatives and projects in the field of human rights and no- hate speech. - To Stimulate organizing more local initiatives in partner countries and thus inform more young people about the ,, No hate speech "movement on a European scale. - To Increase the international dimension of the work with young people, particularly in relation to training on human rights and anti-hate. - To ensure the long-term and sustainable improvement of the quality of the work of partner organizations in this field. Participation fee: 30 Euros Travel cost reimbursement limit: 275 Euros Participants were selected via filled application forms:

Participation fee: 30 Euros Travel cost reimbursement limit: 275 Euros