“Act for Europe: Theatre for Active Citizenship” International Training Course
March 11, 2014
“F3 – Foundation For Future” Youth Exchange
May 6, 2014

“Express Tolerance through Dance and Music” International Training Course


"Express Tolerance through Dance and Music" International Training Course

Dates: 18.03.2014-26.03.2014 Venue: Tsaghkadzor, Armenia Express tolerance through dance and music aimed at developing competencies of youth leaders and youth workers for inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities into the youth projects within the EU “Youth in Action” programme, at promoting tolerance towards cultural diversity as a common value on the local, national and international levels and prevention of exclusion. It focused on fostering European awareness on benefits of intercultural relations and social inclusion; highlighted the importance of active participation of youth, without taking into account a person’s social, cultural background and economic situation. Using the approaches of non-formal learning, intercultural and outdoor experiential learning we would like to understand, what exclusion is and how to overcome it, developing concrete inclusion projects within the EU “Youth in Action” programme – such as youth exchanges, youth initiatives and youth democracy projects at local and international levels. In our training course, we would like to focus more on how to develop and realise projects for the inclusion of those, who are not so active because of different reasons – low level of language knowledge. Participants were residents of Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland. Spain and Ukraine. A total number of participants was 30 /3 participants per country/. Accommodation and Meal expenses will be covered by YCIDDP. 70 % of the travel cost was reimbursed. The project was financed bz Zouth in Action Programme of European Union