Youth Exchange: “Conflicts, Democracy, Culture and Identity: Me, Myself and We”
May 1, 2013
February 1, 2014

Through Media to Participation.


Dates: 14.09.2013-20.09.2013 Venue: Kobuleti, Georgia Project Description: "Through Media to Participation” was a training course organized by the Youth Association DRONI in Georgia for young people from different countries of Europe. The project was about raising the awareness among youth about the new media in order for them to be an active part of civil society. The participants learned how to use the mass and social media effectively. They got the knowledge about how to create a successful advertisement, write blogs and press announcements, met the experts in these fields and learnեդ how to work within social networks effectively. During 7 days the participants got a chance to take part in different workshops, practical exercises, discussions, meeting with the experts, and competitions. The 70% of travel costs was reimbursed. Participants from Armenia were selected according to the applications filled by them.